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5 South Indian Snacks to Make You Drooling

When you contemplate South Indian food, what strikes a chord? An ordinary South Indian breakfast with idlis, dosas, vada and so forth, rice, curd vegetables and pickles are a portion of the staples of this food. Yet, there are additionally a few South Indian bites that are less known by individuals outside this piece of India. These tidbits are cherished by individuals living here and individuals who attempt them interestingly can't quit returning for more. Here is a rundown of our best 5 South Indian bites that you ought to attempt when you plan your outing interestingly to this piece of India.

There are countless snacks to attempt when you are in South India. The food culture here is astonishing. I'm naming the Top Five South Indian Snacks which will take your breath away.

1. Paalkova

In the town of Srivilliputhur in Tamil Nadu, India, there are two things that are just powerful: the 10 centuries-old sanctuaries and the mouth-watering Palkova. Palkova is a scrumptious and nutritious ice cream parlor produced using milk. Having extraordinary milk supplements and calcium, our palkova is an ideal sweet for grown-ups and kids the same!

2. Kai Murukku

Murukku is an extremely well known South Indian flavourful, the most famous being Kai Murukku. The fragrance of this when it takes a dunk in hot oil would report the appearance of celebration/capability to everybody nearby. Given the crunchiness of the result, almost certainly, the whole box will be exhausted inside various days. This can be stuffed as gift box and sent across as a sound treat to your friends and family on any event.


Adhirasam is a popular assortment of Indian sweet, beginning from Tamil food. This seared donut like cake additionally has its foundations in Tamil development, where it was initially served to Brahmin clerics during strict celebrations. It stays a well-known nibble in Tamil Nadu, especially presented as prasadam (favored offering) in Hindu sanctuaries during celebrations something other than a sweet, Adhirasam is a rich energetic custom passed down from one age to another. The donut like baked good has a rich history traversing back millennia and is viewed as an auspicious offering in Indian temples.

4. Iruttu Kadai Halwa

5. Thean Mittai

Thaen Mittai may be considered the most loved youth candy. Sooner or later, with the presentation of new variations, Thaen Mittai lost its place for the ongoing age of children. We are delighted to bring this scrumptious sweet back. It is made in a conventional manner with next to no counterfeit shading which makes it exceptional and scrumptious. Thaen Mittai is an incredible sweet candy to recollect your experience growing up or to get your kids acquainted with the customary taste.

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